(In addition to the uses shown below, together is used in phrasal verbs such as `piece together', `pull together', and `sleep together'.)
1) ADV: usu ADV after v, also ADV cl If people do something together, they do it with each other.

We went on long bicycle rides together...

He and I worked together on a book...

They all live together in a three-bedroom house...

Together they swam to the ship.

2) ADV: ADV after v If things are joined together, they are joined with each other so that they touch or form one whole.

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly...

She clasped her hands together on her lap...

If a window is broken, you can't stick it back together again.

3) ADV: ADV after v If things or people are situated together, they are in the same place and very near to each other.

The trees grew close together...

Ginette and I gathered our things together...

People stood packed together tightly.

4) ADV: ADV after v If a group of people are held or kept together, they are united with each other in some way.

He has done enough to pull the party together...

I want us all to be a happy family together...

His tough brand of social democracy was largely successful in holding the country together.

ADJ: v-link ADJ
Together is also an adjective.

We are together in the way we're looking at this situation.

5) ADJ: v-link ADJ, n ADJ, v n ADJ If two people are together, they are married or having a sexual relationship with each other.

We were together for five years...

Towards the end of our time together he was impossible...

Passion kept us together.

6) ADV: ADV after v If two things happen or are done together, they happen or are done at the same time.

Three horses crossed the finish line together...

`Yes,' they said together.

7) ADV: ADV before v, n ADV, ADV cl You use together when you are adding two or more amounts or things to each other in order to consider a total amount or effect.

The two main right-wing opposition parties together won 29.8 per cent...

The companies have together spent ₤600 million...

Together they account for less than five per cent of the population...

The two together are particularly deadly.

8) PHR-RECIP: pl-n PHR, PHR with n/-ing If you say that two things go together, or that one thing goes together with another, you mean that they go well with each other or cannot be separated from each other.

I can see that some colours go together and some don't...

Winckelmann declared that art and freedom went together...

Poverty and illiteracy go together with high birth rates.

9) ADJ-GRADED (approval) If you describe someone as together, you admire them because they are very confident, organized, and know what they want. [INFORMAL]

She was very headstrong, and very together...

I know on the surface I appear to be quite a together person...

I had to take a break for a cup of tea before I could really get myself together.

10) PHR-PREP You use together with to mention someone or something else that is also involved in an action or situation.

Every month we'll deliver the very best articles, together with the latest fashion and beauty news...

A famine started which, together with the war, carried away millions of lives...

Together with his wife, he helped to draft the ANC's 1955 `Freedom Charter'.

along with
11) to get your act togethersee act
to put your heads togethersee head
put togethersee put

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